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Privacy Policy

American University in Cairo contracts with Nouvant to provide a Portfolio website and additional networking and licensing features across the Nouvant platform.


Personal Information

Nouvant collects certain required and voluntary personal information from visitors who wish to send inquiries, receive technology subscription emails, or license technologies. Nouvant stores this information on its servers and may share this data with American University in Cairo via their access to the Nouvant software application or by some other form, such as written reports or by email. How American University in Cairo uses this data is governed by their organization's own policies. Nouvant will only use this information on behalf of American University in Cairo and not for Nouvant's own or other purposes.

Traffic Data

Nouvant also collects traffic data from across the Nouvant platform, including HTTP headers and browser cookies of visitors. Nouvant reserves the right to share traffic data specific to American University in Cairo with that organization. Nouvant also reserves the right to share anonymous aggregates and compilations of traffic data for the purposes of marketing, software performance testing and reporting, and market analysis. If any personal information is associated with traffic data it will be treated as personal information.

Browser Cookies

Like many sites, Nouvant uses browser cookies to maintain a persistent session for visitors across the Nouvant platform and for traffic data collection purposes.

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